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Remote Monitoring System for Vending Machines Telemetry

Snackshacks is now able to offer a complete remote monitoring system for most brands of vending machines in Australia.

This revolutionary system is transforming the way vending operators are running their businesses in Australia. Imagine the benefits of always knowing exactly how much stock each of your vending machines is holding at any time, and how much money is waiting for collection in the cash box (preventing cash and stock theft by fillers).

Out of Stock?

The Vendcell remote monitoring system is always working for you. Alerts are sent to your email and mobile instantly, informing you of any drop in temperature, sold out stock, power outages, coin mechanism error, coin jams and vend motor failure.

By monitoring sales from each column, you can ensure that your machine is always full of high turnover product, increasing your profits and keeping your customers satisfied.

Out of Change?

The Vendcell remote monitoring system will alert you of the float level of your coin mechanism if it starts to run low on change. When a note reader is installed it will also advise the dollar amount of notes being held from sales, so you can top up your coin mechanism and not lose sales due to a lack of change.

Simplify Your Daily Vending Runs

With the Vendcell remote monitoring system you no longer need to guess or estimates which products are required for your daily vending run.

Here’s how it works instead:

Print out a packing slip for the vending machine so you can take the exact amount of vending products needed for every machine you need to refill.

If you carry more than enough stock, simply check the vending machine by polling it from its location. It will give you an update of sales, tell you which stock you require and float levels so you can simply load up the crates from your truck and refill the machine, taking out the guesswork. This time saving feature will help your business to grow.

Grow your Business

Cutting down filling times can allow you to operate more vending machines, as you can now calculate your vending machine refills to match the exact sales turnover of each vending machine.

Choose when you Refill your Vending Machines

Some machines require weekly or fortnightly refills, and in summer may need to be filled twice as often. Remote monitoring means you can see exactly which machines actually need to be refilled, and you’re not wasting time filling machines that just need a small top up, saving you valuable time.

Sales Information when you need it

The Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System has a sophisticated “back end” software system that collects and reports data on every aspect of your vending machine business.

You’ll be provided with the sales history of every product in every vending machine that’s connected to the remote monitoring system, giving you the results you need to easily fine tune your stock levels to each particular site.

Log on from anywhere to watch your daily sales across all of your machines, or monitor individual machines at the touch of a button. The remote monitoring system will also let you

know your profit margin for each machine.

Return on Investment

By choosing the Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System, you’re making an investment in your business. On average you’ll be saving around two hours every day as you won’t need to check each machine and make pointless refill runs. What could you do with an extra two hours every day? Let’s not forget the stock that goes out of date, the cost to keep the refill vehicle running and full of fuel, the potential loss of money through theft, and the pay for the employee doing the refilling.

The Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System will pay for itself within a short amount of time, so what are you waiting for?

Low Cost-Simple Installation

The Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System consists of a “plug and play” electronic signal control board that is simply plugged into the coin mechanism/note reader system in less than five minutes. An antenna is positioned either inside or on the roof of the vending machine, and will constantly send information over the Telstra mobile phone network.

The Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System can be fitted by virtually anyone, and doesn’t require any specialized training or tools. It can easily be installed on site, and the vending machine only needs to be offline for around five minutes.

Next is a planagram of the vending machine. The stock is refilled to 100%, machine is reset, and remote monitoring has begun.

Call us today for a free, no obligation trail of the Vendcell Telemetry Remote Monitoring System, or click here to contact us.


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