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Starting your own Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are the perfect way to generate an extra income. The vending machine business is 100% cash-only and doesn’t require you to have any previous selling experience.

After a nominal initial investment, the vending machine will do all the work, so you can forget about it most of the time. All you need to do is choose a suitable location, order new stock and give it the occasional clean.

Why Vending Machines?

In this age of instant gratification many people have little patience and technology rules the world. Vending machines appeal to customers who don’t want to mess around, need different options and have limited time.

Vending machines are available in various sizes and models and almost anything can be sold through them. Soft-drinks, water, chewing gum, coffee, cigarettes, ice, sweets, and ice cream to name a few. Countries like Japan have vending machines with mobile phones, iPods, postcards, stamps, jewellery, flowers, magazines, toys, and umbrellas, and in this high-technology world vending machines are the way of the future.

Which Vending Machine is for you?

There are two basic types of vending machines:

Bulk Vending Machines

Bulk vending machines are the typical vending machine that most people picture when they think about vending machines. These are the vending machines where you can grab a chocolate bar or some chips.

Full Line Vending Machines

Full line vending machines can be filled with almost an endless amount of different products. From snacks to coffee, cold drinks to ice cream, these machines allow for a greater range of items and can be tailored depending on the needs of your business.

Where should you put your Vending Machine?

Choosing the location of your vending machines is probably the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to your business. Finding a profitable location is the main focus for those who choose to purchase a vending machine and for good reason-putting your vending machines in high-traffic locations is what will make your business work.

How do you make your Vending Machine Business Work?

Placing your vending machines in suitable locations is one way to make sure you’ll make a profit. Purchasing a vending machine that has a good reputation in the market is also important, and maintaining your machine with fresh stock is crucial as well. It’s also important to regularly service your machines to keep them running smoothly. Occasionally you may need to call a vending machine technician for repairs and breakdowns so it’s important to factor this into your costs.

The most important factor is determining the type of vending machines that meet the needs of a particular area or location. Hot, dry workplaces need drinks or ice vending machines for example. Providing free vending machines to clients and offering to restockthem can also be a good way to earn a profit.

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