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At Snack Shacks Vending we offer free snack vending machine services throughout Australia. That’s completely free- soyou, your staff, and your customers can enjoy a vending machine in your business without any obligation or contract.

We have a large range of snack products available, so you can adjust the snacks in the machine to truly reflect your needs.

Our snack vending machines (also known as bulk/wholesale vending machines) are ambient temperature machines. However you can also choose to have refrigerated machines which will prevent food from melting in summer.

The products served in the combo snack and food machines include everything from biscuits, chocolate, and health bars, to chips, nuts and pretzels.

Our Snack Vending Machines Feature:

  • Electronic Controller
  • 24 V DC Motorized Vending Mechanism
  • Digital MIS Display
  • Adjustable Tray Partition and Height
  • Optional Product Vend Sensor
  • Fast and Easy Product Loading
  • Fast and Easy Product Loading
  • Low Maintenance Machines
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Note Readers, Coins with Payback, Smart Cards and Mobile Phone Payment

Whatever your vending machine needs we can help, and will arrange fast, stress-free installation at a time that suits you.

Register now, or give us a call on 1300 SNACKY to discuss your vending requirements.


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