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Safety PPE Vending Machines

Safety PPE Vending Machines 

Snackshacks have now partnered with many major suppliers of PPE Safety Equipment by offering a much wider range of products with the inclusion of our SAFETY PPE Vending Machines.
Our own machines are coming soon Feb we are able to offer many various setups of PPE Safety Vending machines that offer personal protective safety equipment for your staff , visitors or special events.
Our machines will be able to go into crib room or office situations and main foyers, with customizable setup options.
These special vending machines store and dispense various safety equipment for your visitors & employees to use.
As these machines are a specially configured vending machine, please read the following FAQ section to gain a better understanding of our new PPE Safety gear dispensing machines.



What are PPE Vending Machines?
They are custom set-up Vending machine which display,store and dispense (Vend) personal safety equipment in a safe and compact form to your staff & or visitors.
They are safety equipment dispensing vending machine.

Why Should I have Safety Vending Machines?
The main advantage of using a safety vending machine is it verifies your companies commitment to OHS compliance regulations here in Australia.
With personal safety in the workplace moving the to forefront of all Australian businesses in such a short time, this is a movement that will be growing in the workplace & forever ensuring the growth & compliance standards to ensure adequate supplies of protective work equipment as most business both large & small realise the importance and the necessity to comply & supply safety gear to staff.
By having a safety equipment dispensing machine installed & using our Safety PPE vending machines, not only will it improve your company’s image but also improve the safety of your workplace.
Having one of these machines is vital and have been designed & configured to correctly store all types of personal safety equipment in an organised & efficient manner in your workplace.

How does The Machine Work?
PPE machines work by the user inserting or swiping a smart card into the machine. Every machine is fitted with a card reader. This is connected to a server via an onsite LAN (local area network) connection or via a GPRS modem (standard).
A proximity card, Thumb print and even "EYE retinal scanning "is coming soon. These can be configured to store the persons details whether staff or visiting REP for instance saving time on setting up.
For staff to obtain their PPE safety item, they simply insert the issued smart card into the reader which records the following info:
• The PPE safety vending machine number ( the sited address of the safety vending machine )
• The Date & time of dispensed PPE equipment.
• To whom...the Employee’s name & their ID details.
• Type of PPE item dispensed (example ...Ear Plugs x 1 @ 7.15 am / SAFETY Glasses x 1 Tinted / Respirator x 1)

What Happens if the Smart Card Is Stolen or even Lost?
There is no $$$ value stored on the supplied Smart card, so if a card is lost, or stolen – management can deactivate the card anytime day or night. Management can also set a predetermined ‘spend’ level per employee for even a particular period.

Seems fantastic but... Is There More that These Machines Can Do?
• Yes there is a lot more Safety PPE vending machines can offer you! These machines can give you access to online software which allows you to generate regular reports on what has been taken and by whom.
• Increased staff efficiency and elimination of paperwork.
• This web-based reporting system allows monitoring in real-time of stock levels of PPE items, which can be easily replaced by management.
• Your imagination to what can be dispensed via a safety vending machine also.
• Grinding discs, spray paint, tools ,sanding discs,respirators, sun screen,insect repellant are just a few of the many additional things that can be supplied to a workplace via our machines


If you’re interested in having a PPE Safety Vending Machine in your company, fill in the form or call us our friendly staff at Snack Shacks will take your call and guide you through the rest of our easy online process.

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