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Remote Monitoring System-Remote Monitoring Software for Vending Machines

Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring Software for Vending Machines

The all new remote monitoring system for vending machines has finally arrived in Australia. If you are a vending machine operator you need to have Remote Monitoring Software installed in your vending machines.

The remote monitoring system will save you time & money. You will be able to check your vending machines online... from any where in the world.

If you're looking for a point of difference in trying to be unique to your vending customers, try this : imagine if your vending machines could tell you exactly what they were selling every day, so you know exactley what products you need to take with you to restock your vending machines, and when to visit a site! 

That's precisely what our vending machine remote monitoring system offers you.

Cost effective from as little as $11.00 a month...

By having a remote monitoring system installed you are able to service your vending machines when you need to. You will be able to see when you need to refill your vending machines as well as knowing if there are any problems with the vending machine....such as a rise in internal temperature... or a product delivery failure.

Knowing how much stock to order for your vending machines is also a time and $$$ saving exercise.

Knowing exactly how many sales well as how much money is in the cash any vending machine that has the remote monitoring software connected.

The remote monitoring systerm simply plugs into your MDB connection and runs simultaniously with your vending machine.Taking virtually minutes to install , you then do a update planogram of your vending machine including the stock & count...update it with images already supplied in the remote monitoring software and a few strokes of the key pad...then your up & away ....remote monitoring your vending machine.

If you would like further information or a obligation FREE trial of the Remote Monitoring System please... 

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