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Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Safety Equipment

What is the PPE Vending Strategy?

The strategy is known officially as Vending Automated Supply Technology or VAST. A Vast 500 vending machine is placed in the workplace to dispense Personal Safety Equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, ear plugs, drill bits and other supplies. The employees will swipe an electronic card or enter a pin number, allowing for greater accountability as they are then responsible for the protective equipment that they use.

Supply bins and storerooms are unnecessary, and staff can quickly select the safety item or tool they require and head back to work. Managers will know exactly which safety products have been used and who took them out last, making reordering easier, and minimizing loss and theft.

Compensation claims are also reduced as you will know when workers are being safety compliant and will have proof of when they took safety equipment.

Now there’s no need to have someone sitting at a stall in a convention centre as we’ve recently installed a machine that sells Safety Vests for its patrons. Safety compliance is crucial, and having the technology to sell, dispense, and monitor safety gear is important.

If you require any further information about personal safety equipment or personal protective equipment dispensing via our VAST 500, contact us today for a no obligation discussion about how we can meet your needs.


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