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Get a FREE Jukebox for your Pub

Get a FREE... Jukebox  in your Pub ! 

Get a FREE... jukebox in your Pub ! Are you a pub owner looking at Jukebox sales or a Jukebox in your Pub.

We are able to offer you a no cost JUKEBOX for your pub .

Pub owners looking for Jukebox sales or a Jukebox in your Pub. We are now able to offer you a  jukebox for your pub.

Snack Shacks is proud to offer Australian pub owners a ...New alternative....a jukebox for your pub for FREE !

Your new jukebox is wall mounted ...yep you read right ....a wall mounted save you precious floor space

 Plus the jukebox takes all denominations of Coins ... as well as a Notes ... and gives change....

Making sales from our jukebox has never been easy ! This is another form of  vending machine...excepts it delivers  your customer there music choice !

Introducing a "Earn income through profit share"

You supply the venue ...we supply the jukebox.

We have affiliated jukebox vending machine operators who are always looking to place a Jukebox in your pub ....virtually anywhere in Australia.

No cost to you...FREE.

They maintain & update the jukebox pub with new releases and popular hits...continually.

Having a jukebox in your pub makes it easier for patrons to enjoy their time and money.... in your Pub.

It's your choice you can have a jukebox for free or a  jukebox for sale.

Choosing the "jukebox for sale " means you buy & own the jukebox keeping all the profits.

Here listed below is the newest made in Australia...wall mounted jukebox...We call it " Jukebox Pub "

SJWM1 Model Wall-Mounted Jukebox:
Your Choice of Stunning Powder Coated Colors  are now Available!

Jukebox Features Include:
(No wires behind the Bar!!)
Fully Licensed Video & Audio Music,
from Australia's leading Digital
Music suppliers
New Look ?Wall Box?
With Futuristic Features
Smart looking jukebox, built to perform & Impress
Fast Installation, Plug & Play for
Operators or Venues.
Proudly Manufactured In AUSTRALIA.
Australian designed and owned.
Faster Song Turnover
For Greater Profits
Unlike CD jukes, no gaps between songs
Qiucker play & faster profits. 
Coin Op Digital Jukebox
Earn income through profit share
Australian Designed Jukebox & Player & Amplifiers
The first in Australia...Unique 3 - way speaker driver system delivers around 400 watts. Exclusively manufactured for RDR Distributors
Cycled Advertising Capabilities
Sell advertising space, earn extra revenue!
Advertise your business on screen
17 Inch Hi-Definition LCD Screen
Largest viewing screen on the market
6 ?Button? Easy Navigation
On screen song & category selection
Multi-Video Outlet Capabilities
Multiple outputs to external TV's
Exclusive Easy To Use Software
Unique design and user friendly
Memory download System
Hand held memory retrieval device
Download and track site statistics
On Screen Video Clips
Wider audience acceptance
Runs to a
4 - 6 Speaker Configuration

So if you are interested in more information ...NO obligation ..regarding your free jukebox for your pub... please click on the...
 "Register for a FREE vending machine button" and fill in the details.



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