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Gyms are by their very nature all about living healthy and taking care of your body. Therefore, its important that gyms and health clubs give a message healthy minds , replenishment and healthy bodies. It's not all just about the exercise, but also for all aspects of healthy living and a good diet.

Does your Gym need a FREE Vending machine for Drinks for your Patrons ? Get one here Now !

Its all moderation. Drinks and snacks. What healthy and whats BAD.

The right tailored selections of drinks, waters, juices, protein shakes and even hydrates can make a big difference to someone before, during or after a good workout !

We can assist in Health Club and Gym Vending Machine Services

Snack Shacks Can help

Having a Vending Machine in your Gym will make a difference !

Does selling drinks and snacks over the counter create a headache for your staff and stock loss costs for you? Snack Shacks can has helped many gyms overcome these frustrations and deliver a hassle free vending service that offers good commissions and a wide product range of gym focused drinks and snacks all available 24/7 from your very own...supplied FREE Gym Vending machine.

Snack Shacks can help Gym and health centers to:

  • Make amessage to your patrons. Healthy bodies need healthy food as well as good exercise.
  • In selling snacks and drinks we make it more profitable. Selling snacks and drinks is not your core of your business and we can take away the stress and allow you to focus on what makes you the most money – selling personal training & gym membership, looking after your customers.
  • Theft is often a big issue with counter top displays and drink fridges give thief easy access to steal your Profits. Plus with high wages having to be paid nowadays for staff , why pay them to manage stock- like drinks ~snacks etc, most gyms actually lose money from selling snacks and drinks. We put an instant stop to these losses and, for approved venues, also pay healthy commissions !
  • Machines work night and day for NO Wages
  • Make snacks and drinks available around the clock without the need for staff -which is great for 24/7 gyms.
  • Make the paying of goods easy with both coin and note systems with change giving available in your vending machine.

Snack and Drink Vending Products for Health Clubs & Gyms

Snack Shack is independent and has a vast range relationships with a number of vending machine and product suppliers. With a large and growing number of snacks and drinks including organic and gluten free options now available, we’re sure to have something to suit everyone.

We are happy to tailor our product lists to each venue, so long as all the products have a clear health and well being or sports nutrition benefit.

Check out some of the popular drinks and snacks currently enjoyed in gyms and health Clubs.

Products are tailored to your suit your patrons of your health club or gym.


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