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M&M's Products

* M&M's. * M&M Peanut * Snickers

* Mars * Boost * Picnic * Flake

* Cherry Ripe * Bounty * Skittles


Chocolate Vending Machines Services

Vends up to 550

Cold chocolates to Staff & Visitors

Vendo refrigerated Chocolate & Sweet Vending Machines~by Snack Shacks in Newcastle

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The Vendo is our highest product capacity Chocolate & Sweet vending machine holding almost 500 confectionery bars. This chocolate vending machine can be located either inside or outdoors making it a highly versatile Chocolate snack vending machine.

Our chocolate vending machine is ideal for environments that require refrigerated chocolates & snacks in a robust machine.

It is suitable for large company staff rooms, indoor and outdoor public foyers and waiting areas, front of house retail, and other locations both inside and out where security may be an issue.

The Vendo is attractively designed yet benefits from a robust outer casing with no viewing window.

The Vendo vends refrigerated chocolate bars and sweets, has a full change giver and runs on mains power.

It holds a variety of refrigerated confectionery up to 550 products to vend..

such brands available - M&M's. * M&M Peanut * Snickers * Mars * Boost * Picnic * Flake * Cherry Ripe * Bounty *

The Vendo is an ideal solution for both your staff, visitors and the Public to satisfy their hunger, yet allowing you the piece of mind of having a secure robust vending machine on site.

The Vendo is simple to use, attractively designed and can accept all Australian coinage & also gives change.

  • High capacity chocolate and sweet machine
  • For use indoors or outdoors operates 24-7
  • Chilled unit for refrigerated sweets -
  • YES .....It's a refrigerated vending machine !
  • Heavy duty Vendors designed idealy for heavy usage
  • Suitable for up to 500 staff, visitors and the Public
  • Can be configured to to use a note acceptor
  • Takes all Australian coinage & gives change
  • Width 102cm
  • Height 190cm
  • Depth 75cm
Chocolate Vending Machine


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