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The AP UltraFlex Combination Vending Machines are brand new to Australia and these superior machines can be installed in your business for free today.


Designed for use in the hot Australian climate, theUltraFlexhas temperature settings as low as 3°C, while the green power,high-efficiency refrigeration means the machine has much lower power consumption compared to many other vending machines on the market.

These combination machines are the ultimate in vending, with three drink trays, three large snack trays, and a 210 can capacity. The UltraFlex can be converted easily from combo machine to snack or drink machine so you can adjust the machine depending on the season and products you have ordered. The large capacity of the UltraFlex means that your machine can have at least twenty different snack options and thirty different drink selections.


Why choose an AP UltraFlex Combination Vending Machine?

Easy to Use

No one wants to spend time wrestling with a vending machine. The simpler the process is, the more people will return to use the machine again. The UltraFlex has 2 x 20 character display and text based menu, making it easy for users to navigate the system.

The UltraFlex is easy to set up and change as well. With its fully adjustable shelving, wide range of spirals and programmable thermostatic control system, the UltraFlex allows you to completely tailor the product selection to the needs of your business.

Weighing 335kg, the machine is 1054mm wide, 950mm deep and 1830mm high and caters for a minimum door clearance of 77cm.The UltraFlex has cut out pieces on both the top and bottom of the machines which can be easily removed allowing it to fit through narrow or short doorways. This means you have many more options for the location of your machine and can place it somewhere with the plenty of foot traffic.


Environmentally Friendly

The UltraFlex has a high-efficiency refrigeration system and foam injected design which conserves energy. The bright LED lighting is kind to the environment, while the efficient compressor performance means the machine has a longer life with the lowest power consumption and highest refrigeration capability.



Vandals won’t find breaking into the UltraFlex easy. The triple glazed heated front panel, anti-pry surround and advanced locking system means that your profits are protected.

AP Ultraflex Combo Vending Machine Features

  • Fully refrigerated down to 3 degrees.

  • Dual zone machine as UltraFlex 6500C (combination vending machine).

  • 44 selections, 7 trays (max 70 selections).

  • Equipped with optional health safety control for perishable foods and beverages

  • Dual spirals and motor paring to accommodate varying product sizes.

  • Large glass front attracts attention while making selection process easy.

  • “Golden Eye” guaranteed delivery ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Delivery pan cushion in vending machine door to catch product & minimise shake-up and damage.

  • DEX harness for easy information and uploads.

  • Advanced vending electronics with superior diagnostics.

  • Flexi-shelves have movable dividers.

  • Available with five, six or seven shelves for maximum versatility.


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