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AP 6500S UltraFlex Refrigerated Combination Machine

AP 6500S UltraFlex Refrigerated Snack Machine

The new AP 6500S UltraFlex can be easily converted between snack machine, drink machine and combo machine, giving you the variety you need now and well into the future.

The UltraFlex can also be configured to have at least thirty different drink selections and twenty different snack options. With a 210 can capacity, three drink trays, and three large snack trays, the large capacity of this machine will impress you, your employees, and your customers.

Many parts of the machine such as the drive motors, spacers and spirals can be easily snapped on and off without the need for any tools, allowing vending of weird shaped products.

The UltraFlex is easily moved and can be repositioned depending on where you need it the most. The machine is 1830mm high, 950mm deep and 1054mm wide. Weighing 335kg, it caters for a minimum door clearance of 77cm, so will fit through most doorways.

The green power refrigeration unit makes the UltraFlex highly efficient. The foam injected design and environmentally friendly LED lighting ensure it has lower power consumption than most other vending machines on the market today, while the temperature can be set as low as 3°Cfor use during the hot Australian summers.

Customers can easily navigate the UltraFlex with its easy 2 X 20 character display and text based menu, so they’ll be sure to return and repeat the experience again.

The anti-pry surround, advanced locking system and triple glazed heated front panel will ensure that your profits are protected and thieves and vandals won’t have any luck breaking into the UltraFlex.

Average Number of Selections/Capacity

  • 45 selections, 7 Trays (Max 70 selections.)
  • Tray 1: 5 selections for chips 9 deep.
  • Tray 2: 5 selections for chips 9 deep.
  • Tray 3: 5 selections for chips 9 deep.
  • Tray 4: 5 selections for chips 9 deep.
  • Tray 5: 10 selections for confectionary that vary from 15 to18 deep.
  • Tray 6: 10 selections for confectionary that vary from 15 to18 deep.
  • Tray 7: 5 selections for bag lollies, nuts & cookies 15 deep.


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